Open Gym is for ages 14+ and is free for Das Rec Members; non-members can play by paying the daily fee. Please see below for our fall/winter schedule effective beginning Monday, September 10th.

Click here for printable version of Das Rec’s fall/winter gymnasium schedule (PDF).

  • Basketball Open Gym: 
    • Mondays: 5-9a (Green Gym A & B); 7-9:30p (Green Gym B); 7:30-9:30p (Green Gym A);
    • Tuesdays: 5-9a (Green Gym A & B and Blue Gym A & B); 1-6p (Green Gym B, Blue Gym A); 1-4p (Blue Gym B); 2-6p (Green Gym A)
    • Wednesdays: 5-10a (Green Gym A); 5-9a (Green Gym B); 7-9a (Blue Gym A & B); 5-9:30p (Blue Gym B); 7-9:30p (Blue Gym A)
    • Thursdays: 5-9a (Green Gym A & B and Blue Gym A & B); 1-5p (Green Gym B); 1-4 (Blue Gym B); 1-6p (Blue Gym A); 2-5p(Green Gym A)
    • Fridays: 5-9a(Blue Gym A & B); 7-10a (Green Gym A); 7-9a (Green Gym B); 6-9:30p (Blue Gym B)
  • Pickleball Open Gym: 
    • Mondays: 9a-1p (Green Gym B, Blue Gym A&B)
    • Tuesdays: 9a-1p (Green Gym B, Blue Gym A&B)
    • Wednesdays: 9a-1p (Green Gym B, Blue Gym A&B)
    • Thursdays: 9a-1p (Green Gym B, Blue Gym A&B)
    • Fridays: 9a-1p (Green Gym B, Blue Gym A&B)
  • Volleyball Open Gym: 
    • Mondays: 7:30-9:30p (Blue Gym A & B)
    • Tuesdays:6-9:30p (Blue Gym A); 7-9:30p (Blue Gym B)
    • Wednesdays:  5-9:30p(Green Gym B); 5-7p (Blue Gym A)
  • Open Gym: Time indicated as Open Gym can allow for volleyball, basketball, or pickleball depending on the number of participants.